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Choice's TAKOYAKI Flour

Choice's TAKOYAKI Flour

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You can enjoy the taste of "TAKOYAKI SAKABA choice" which is very famous Takoyaki shop in Osaka at home!
This is the only market that you can get "TAKOYAKI choice"'s special flour! Please enjoy TAKOYAKI home party with your family and friends!

■ Recommended points
・ It contains the full-bodied DASHI (soup stock) powder, even if you eat it without sauce, it is so delicious!
・This high quality TAKOYAKI flour is a secret recipe of "TAKOYAKI shop・chice". You can replicate CARITORO(crispy and melty) TAKOYAKI at your home!
・This TAKOYAKI flour is a good combination with any kinds of sauce such as soy sauce, salt, peperoncino, ponzu, etc. ...not only TAKOYAKI sauce. Please enjoy the variety of taste♪
・The owner's recommendation is “SANSYO(Japanese pepper) mayonnaise”. Please enjoy it with alcohol!

■ About "TAKOYAKI SAKABA・choice"
・ The owner is a former Italian chef
・He worked at the famous TAKOYAKI shop in Osaka ,through that experience he developed this special TAKOYAKI flour!
・He adhere rigidly to using a copper plate which is very difficult to handle it. Because a copper plate has a? high thermal conductivity they keeps strong thermal power. It makes TAKOYAKI delicious.
・Please enjoy TAKOYAKI at your home!

[Note] This product does not include the sauce.


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