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Ladies salopette denim skirt cotton 100%

Ladies salopette denim skirt cotton 100%

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Item NO:PL-00021


SIZE cm inch
Width 55 21.7
Total Length 107 42.2
Hip 112 44.1
Around the hem 110 43.4
Length of shoulder straps
78 30.8

≪Designer's Recommendations≫
Shape, texture, color, everything is perfect! !
A salopette denim skirt of an adult that can be done.

It is a denim fabric with a 100%cotton texture, and it is a suitable for adults who can be a good adult just by wearing it ★

・ Salopette looks young. A slightly longer length!
・ Roughly V -line with a sense of omission.
・ The front has a bold slit and the foot is easy to handle ♪
・ I -line silhouette with a ston that can also be expected to have a vertical effect ◎
・ Trend -like length!
・ A matte metal fittings that create an adult -like atmosphere.

・ 100%cotton dark blue denim fabric ◎
・ Soft but soft comfort ♪
・ A moderate thickness that can be worn all season!

* Every time you wash, it shrinks. It depends on the size of the delivery, but please enjoy the progress as a non -washing.
* This product is made of a very delicate material. Due to the characteristics of materials and dyes, dyes move to other clothing, clothing miscellaneous goods, chairs, underwear, bare skin, etc. when it gets wet with friction (especially friction in moist state), sweat, rain, etc.
The color is transferred especially to white or light colors. Please be careful about the environment when you wear it.
* This product may be transferred due to the nature of dyeing. Be sure to wash it alone without washing with others.
* Do not overlap with other clothing in a wet state.
* We cannot receive replacement by discoloration and color transfer. In addition, we cannot guarantee the color transfer of your items.

100% cotton

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