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Ladies herringbone tight skirt

Ladies herringbone tight skirt

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Item NO:PS-00436


SIZE cm inch
Total Length 98 38.6
Waist 70~100 27.6~39.4
Hip (lining) 100 39.4
Slit length 31 12.3
Lining length 63 24.9

≪Designer's Recommendations≫
"Tight skirt" that is dressed in a classical classical.

Herringbone pattern with a beautiful silhouette and elegant.
The soft atmosphere will give you a comfortable wearing comfort ♪

・ With a convenient both side pockets.
・ The back of the waist can be worn easily with rubber + adjustment string ♪
・ Before the waist, it is flat and instyle is clearly determined ◎
・ A simple and elegant design that plays on and off.
・ Style up with I -line silhouette unique to tight!
・ It is moderately relaxed and does not get tired ♪

・ Soft and supple touch ♪
・ Reliable without worrying about transparency with lining!
・ A texture that is hard to lose shape and is hard to wrinkle.
・ The casual “herringbone pattern” has a classical atmosphere.

Polyester 50% wool 50%
lining: 100% polyester

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