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Docking Flare Gather Tops Ladies

Docking Flare Gather Tops Ladies

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Item NO:PK-00964


SIZE cm inch
Width 57 22.5
Shoulder width 34 13.4
Total Length 68 26.8
Sleeve Length 46 18.2
Around the hem 172 67.8

≪Designer's Recommendations≫
Different material docking shines!
Flare gather tops with a gorgeous impression.
versatile items that are easy to use with too much sweet and spicy feeling that blends in and shines in any outfit!

・ A frill with a good flare that is not too sweet.
・ Plenty of sleeves with a volume full of trends.
・ Seventh length that can be worn in the long season.
・ A neckline where you can see your face neatly.
・ High waist with a style up effect.

・ The body is elastic and outstanding comfort ◎
・ Soft and comfortable touch.

Rayon 50% Nylon 40% polyurethane 10%
separate: 100% cotton

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