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Function material Dolman Ladies Knit Tops Short Sleeve

Function material Dolman Ladies Knit Tops Short Sleeve

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Item NO:NA-00393


SIZE cm inch
Width 71 28
Total Length 66 26
Sleeve length 38 15
Around the hem 94 37.1

≪ Designer's Recommandations≫
And, as well as functionality, one piece is perfect for adult girls who can show their delicate shows in the silhouette!

・ Elegant and simple design that can be worn on and off.
・ Relaxy dolman silhouette!
・ A moderately loose V -neckline.
・ French sleeve full of femininity.
・ A thin sleeve rib that makes a delicate impression.
・ Exquisite feeling that covers the waist around you.
・ A basic adult color that is familiar to the coordinates.

・ UV cut 99%functions are perfect for sunburn!
・ The cooling feeling that feels cool when touched is also ◎
・ Use a thin fabric that is stitched moderately.
・ Smooth and smooth and hard to cling to the skin.
・ It is elastic and easy to move.
・ It is hard to wrinkle and is easy to handle.

* Regarding washing and handling of knit products.
Wash the knit product in the net and handle it with "flat dried" after hand washing.
Due to the nature of the knit product, hanging hanging on a hanger can cause it to grow.
Also, avoid storing on hangers during storage, as it may grow.
Please be careful about the above points when washing and handling.

70%rayon 30%nylon

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